Current Issues

First and foremost, I believe that Anoka County needs to have a fiscally responsible – common sense approach to the budget. This can be achieved by prioritizing spending and without raising taxes. This is exactly what I have done while serving the citizens of Ham Lake. It is all about taking an honest look at the county’s needs versus its wants.  I look forward to bringing my tax reducing ideas and innovative thinking to the county level. It has been important to me to maintain Ham Lake’s low tax levels while providing residents with essential services. It is possible to cut spending without cutting services. This is achieved by good planning and thinking outside the box.  In today’s economy, we must not continue to operate government as usual. Secondly, I believe in and have a passion for limited government. Bigger government is not better government. It is imperative that every program and every department within the county be operated in the most efficient manner possible. The county can focus on economic development by easing the tax burdens on businesses.  Businesses need the freedom to be able to operate without being overly regulated. When this happens they will be able to expand into new ventures thereby creating new and higher paying jobs.  I promise to work hard as your county commissioner and will be dedicated to you as the taxpayer.

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