Say No to Northstar!

My top priorities will be to stop wasting resources on losing efforts and provide effective and efficient government services.

It is one thing to say that you are fiscally conservative but actions speak louder than words. I feel strongly that investing additional money in the Northstar Commuter Rail – Ramsey station was very irresponsible. With the Elk River and the Anoka stations so close, the actual ridership being way below the estimated and the subsidy of each rider being so high, there was nothing fiscally responsible about that decision. The additional 13+ million that was spent could have been better spent!

Secondly, a combination of new budgeting practices, spending reductions, consolidation and other restructuring will be needed to make Anoka County viable into the future The county board must be committed to maximizing taxpayer value by delivering only necessary government services in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible.

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