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Dear Friends,

It has been a whirlwind since making it through the Primary Election on August 14th.  I am very humbled by the support I’ve been shown. Needless to say, I have been extremely busy campaigning but wanted to take a few moments to bring you up to date on a couple of things. Both my opponent (Andy Westerberg) & I attended a debate that was sponsored by the Ham Lake Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, October 16th.  This debate offered the best opportunity that I have had so far to state the differences between the two of us.  I will highlight a few of those differences here:
When asked if we supported an expansion of the Northstar Commuter Rail to St. Cloud?
I said NO, I would NOT support an expansion of the Northstar and actually believe we need to look at options of getting out of this boondoggle!
My opponent stated that YES, he does support the expansion of the Northstar.
When asked if we supported an expansion of the runway at the Anoka County Airport?
I said NO –  I would NOT support an expansion of the runway!
My opponent stated that YES, he does support an expansion of the runway.
When asked what our stance on Fiscal Disparities was?

I believe that it is a redistribution of monies which I don’t support and stated that it is an overly burdensome tax on commercial and industrial properties and would like to see the Fiscal Disparities program go away.

My opponent stated that he does support Fiscal Disparities and wants it to remain.

I was also able to bring up the fact that my opponent reduced that number of committees he was on from 2011-2012 because it interfered with the operations of his business. I stated that I would be willing to make the commissioner position my number one job priority.

If you are interested in viewing the debate you can CLICK HERE.

Please follow my campaign at www.JulieBraastad.com and on Facebook at Julie Braastad for Anoka County Commissioner.  My home number is 763-434-8985.  If you are not a resident of District 2, feel free to forward this to family and friends that are.  As always I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your time & consideration!
Julie Braastad



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