Watchdog Calls Braastad “Rock Solid”

This race featured two Republican candidates in Andy Westerberg and Julie Braastad.
And while both would have served the county well, it is undeniable that Braastad will be a more conservative voice on the board.
Most importantly, she will stand firm against the rail mania that gripped the county for too long.
Westerberg certainly helped create a conservative voting bloc, but his support of Northstar being extended to Saint Cloud was troubling to say the least.
Braastad will never support that.
Moreover, there were times when Westerberg leveraged his status as a swing vote, causing consternation for Sivarajah, West, and Look.
Braastad will be a rock solid vote in favor of the taxpayer. Count on it.
As for Westerberg, we sincerely thank him for his service. He supported some very good public policy, including reducing the property tax levy.
Andy did a very good job for the taxpayers.
But now it’s time for Braastad to assume her place on the board.
We know she will do a great job.

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